Singapore Wedding Videographer | Cinematographer | Services
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01 –  Proposal Videography 

Let us film your once in a lifetime proposal just like what you have seen in cinema. The film will bring back joy, laughter, tears and most importantly, memories.

02 – Wedding  Express Highlights

More than just gatecrash, this film will be a touching film that bring joy of tears to you. I ensure quality for your highlights. That 3-5 minutes of film will allow you to remember that key moments that has happen in the day.

03 – Actual Day Wedding Videography

Capturing your once in a lifetime wedding, make it into a film, I ensure that sweetest moments will be recorded and when you view back everytime, the sweetest moment on your big day will not fade.

04 – Cinematographer and Photographer Package for your Actual Day Wedding

Feel free to chat with me for recommendations on Photographers!

I will be glad to share some with you!